Next Generation Enterprise Endpoint Security

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ACS EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption with Keystroke Transport Layer Security (“KTLS”)


• Encrypts keystrokes between the keyboard and browser/application

• Blocks screen scraping and "clickjacking."



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ACS Protect ID Multi-Factor

Out-of-Band Authentication


The Complete Authentication Solution with "true" out-of-band  technology to better protect credentials.


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The front lines of the cyber security battle have moved away from the perimeter and onto the endpoint. End user desktops and laptops are being utilized by hackers as an easy entry way into a corporation's network where they can access the most sensitive customer and company data.



The wide open gap in current security protocols:

Current protocols such as TLS and its predecessor SSL, protect data in transit (once it leaves your computer) from a Man-in-the Middle Attack. Data encryption only protects data at rest after it has been typed and filed.  Antivirus protects only known and catalogued viruses (less than 25% of total viruses) and firewalls filter for known bad IP addresses, words and phrases.


A "Man-in-the Stack" Attack:

The gap in security lies in between the keystroke and the application. Keyloggers reside undetected low in the kernel or anywhere within the stack capturing keystrokes as they are transmitted from your keyboard to either a browser or software application. This is known as a "Man-in-the-Stack" attack. Using zero day keyloggers, which have the ability to change their form and evade antivirus, a "Man-in-the-Stack" resides in this vulnerable area and are a primary component of all malware and advanced persistent threats (APT). This is the area where usernames and passwords are most typically stolen on the endpoint's device in a data breach.


ACS helps PREVENT the attack before it moves beyond the endpoint:

Remember, it only takes one missing link in the security chain for a breach to affect your organization. ACS closes this gap with Endpointlock Keystroke Layer Security (KLS) and Multi Out-of-Band Authentication proactive solutions that will protect against threats related to credential theft and the capturing of other sensitive data reducing your risk of a data breach. ACS solutions for both desktop and mobile easily integrate with ongoing and future business initiatives such as Bring Your own Device (BYOD), mobile enablement and cloud services. Contact Advanced Cyber Security for a presentation on our unique product offering. CONTACT US

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